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Well My Name is Nella , and i'm sweet 16 birth on 23th May 1996 :)
I don't have best friend but i might have close friend who cares to me
I'm single but is Not available . yeahhh :)
Damn .. I miss youu -,-
Friday, May 16, 2014 | 6:34 PM | 0 Words

capital E :)

throwback moment yesterday :)
semalam kua ngn akk ni dia punya ex bf tu pulak ex kita . hhah then jumpa pulak ex kami itu . Seriously AWKKKWAAAAAARD ....... ohh . haha. time kat midvalley tu memang ramai handsome , HAHAHAHA ! what girls eyes see :D But bila dalam movie , seriously aku rindu gila seyh kat dia .. Rindu nak tgok movie ngn dia macam tgok Movie Spiderman tu :') i miss when you hold my hand , and when you bribe me popcorn ..

Last night , i was stay up until 2 just to wait you chat me . Sangat kecewa bila ,dia tak online .. and tgok bila bgun tido ade chat dari dia . hihi Cukup happy asalkan dia chat . Teringin sangat cite aku ni mcam Movie "Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging" haha sweet gila .. In reality , still ade ke mcam tu hah ?
eii yaii , angau aku ni skrg , hahaha . looks like is Nella falling in love again with the wrong guy -,-
ade ke dia suka kat aku , seems banyak hint aku bagi kat dia , blur betul .. dia tu . wait .. Blur KE buatbuat donno sebab dia tak suka kat aku so dia ignore semua tu . I guess so laa kan . Agak jealous bila dia upload gambo ngn org lain :D hahah dah pahal aku ni please laa . HE'S NOT EVEN YOUR'S NELLA !!!!

Before ni , aku pon ade suka someone initial A , but not as much as i like initial E , hahaha . They are two different guy .. Nella move on .. dont get someone who doesn't like you back , it hurts so bad when knowing you are so dumb because hoping on nothing . He just consider you as his friend not more , you are the one who are act to much in this story ! so STOP it Nella , WAKE UP !!

that is song for you :) hope you hear that song ..

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